What is the total cost for the Star Training Center STNA Class?
The total cost for the class is $450.00 unless their is a special for that month.

Is the state test fee separate?

Yes. The state exam test fee is not included in any fee’s given to Star Training Center. The exam fee generally is $100.00 unless their are changes for the year.

What class sessions are offered?
We offer day classes with Evenings’ (TBA) for any person’s life and to offer convenience for our students.

What are the pre-requisites for the course?
Do I need high school Diploma or a GED? No. their are no educational pre-requisites to enter the program; however it is strongly recommended to pursue as employers may require you to have your Diploma or GED.

Do Star Training Center guarantee job placement?
No. we do not guarantee job placement because we do not know what past employers may say about you; However the goal is for you to graduate, and we do have employers that ask for good candidates.

What are my registration requirements?
Before you are able to enter the program each individual must obtain an approved physical by a physician not more than 6 months old, a background check, and a negative TB test or chest exam.

If I sign-up on-line or pay my deposit on-line is my registration complete?
No. you still must come into the office and receive all paperwork required before the start of class.